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The Voyage SEO Timeline.

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Let's get to know eachother, before we get serious...

Are you a Houston area business with plans to grow, but lack the inquiries needed to make it a reality?

Have you recently gotten a fancy website that's not bringing in real results?

Do you know you need SEO services but have no idea where to start?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, there's a tremendous chance we can help get you to that place you've always wanted to be.

Imagine a world where every month, without having to do anything, you see your website climb up the rankings of Google... Imagine troves of your ideal client or customer coming to you, without having to do anything to get them there. Imagine providing an excellent service and not having to worry about doing your own SEO or wasting hours upon hours with cold outreach. Open your eyes. You've found the way to that reality - we're going to make it happen for you. Click 'Months 1-2'  to find out how.

We'll Start With On Page SEO.

The essential first step is to get the foundation of your online presence unshakable. This starts with doing a deep audit of your website in order to make every change possible to get good graces from Google. Before moving on to more long term strategies like link building, we want to optimize your webiste to the highest standard so that none of the future work loses its potential. This means cutting down load times, adjusting the website's code to follow best practices and in some cases restructuring the website to be as SEO friendly as possible. If you're in need of a new site entirely, we offer custom websites which deliver remarkable results.

Thorough local SEO is also performed. Your business will be extraordinarily equipped early on in the process to compete (and win) against other Houston area businesses who are in the local rankings for Google and Google Maps.

Building Your Network.

A huge part of SEO invloves building online connections and notiriety with other parties in your industry. Google measures these connections as links that lead back to your website. On your behalf, we'll reach out to highly reputable contacts online and ultimately get them to link back to your website either from their own website or their official social media. When Google starts to take account of all the 'big fish' linking back to your business, all you'll have to do is sit back and watch your rankings soar. What's the destination? Page one of course.

Depending on the scope of the agreement, we may also provide SEO charged blog posts. In the same way that a good amount of reputable high quality links boosts your SEO game, having an updated blog filled with relevant content is simply irresistable to Google.

Experience Compounding Success.

With the right foundations in place and a growing network, eveything is set for your online identity to mirror and fuel your growing business. We'll continue to make adjustments to your SEO every month to ensure you stay showing up in Houston area search results. Key words will be optimized to their fullest potential, then new key words can be put to the forefront. Google constantly changes algorithims and there is always new competition around the corner. We'll continue to build on your SEO to make sure you stay 2 steps ahead.

You'll also get monthly reports detailing the exact work done. No shady stuff here. Sound good?

Sounds Great!

Learn More About Voyage in Houston...

Visible Results

At Voyage in Houston we don't just promise results - We deliver. Not only will we do the work necessary to have you increase sales, we will also provide transparent reports detailing what we're doing to make it happen. Whether you're a psychologist in Houston or a lawyer in Seattle, we will only take you on as a client if we feel confident we can produce meaningful SEO results for your practice. According to Google HQ it's unethical to gaurentee page one results as an SEO provider. However, it is a personal goal of ours to have every single client we on board be on the 1st page of Google within 12 months.

An Ethical Practice

Because of unethical practices, many have grown weary of SEO providers. These providers use short cuts and spam to get "results" for their clientele. However these results don't last - they tend to dissapear overnight once Google catches on to their ruse. That's why Voyage in Houston, Texas only uses ethical (also known as white hat) techniques to generate long lasting SEO results for our clients. This also ensures that the traffic driven to your website will actually be made up of your target audience. In short, we take an approach that puts your business under Google's wing.

Competitor Analysis

One of the first things we do after signing on a new client is an in-depth competitor SEO analysis. What are they doing wrong? What are they doing right? We learn from both of these questions as we begin to form a detailed digital marketing plan in order to give your business every competitive edge possible. After you've taught us about your business inside & out, and our research tells us about your compeitors, then we have enough detail to make a percision plan of action.

Flexible Agreements

Due to working with a number of industries and our clients varying in size, we don't offer rigidly priced packages or an hourly rate. Instead, we prefer to learn specifically about your business and the specific goals you want to see it hit. Depending on those factors and your budget, we'll outline and price our SEO proposal at a small fraction of the business we expect to bring you every month. We believe that keeping a very high ROI for our clients is the number 1 thing that keeps our reputation stellar. We offer a substantial discount for yearly committments as opposed to monthly ones. If smaller jobs or tweaks to the agreement should arise, we'll provide an hourly rate or adjust the monthly payment. Sound fair?

Why SEO?

Why does it make sense to prioritize search engine optimization (SEO) over more traditional forms of advertising? It's simple. SEO goes farther per dollar spent. How do we know this? Newspapers, Radio, and TV advertise to large masses of people (usually for large amounts of money) but fail to guarentee that every dollar spent works for the attention of someone who needs your service. As a result chances are the overwhelming majority of people that your advertisement reaches have no interest in your service - in turn you're effectively annoying more people than you are helping. With SEO your budget goes exclusively to targeting people that are actively looking for a business just like yours.

Want to be paired with clients in Houston who are already looking for your service? Your clients are out there. Our job is to bring them to you.

How long until I get results?

While SEO is a long term strategy, more action means results come faster. You will see always see improvement the first month with Voyage. Metrics will vary depending on your current online presence and target market, but you will see improvement after 30 days and begin to absolutely dominate local searches in your market within 6-12 months. If you have a need to accelerate the timeline, we offer Google Ads as a service for immediate page one placement. We would recommend running them as we continue to work in the background to get you on page one indefinitely.

In short, how long it takes us to deliver results is solely determined by the goals you set and how soon you want to get there. We deliver a range of services at multiple levels - determining what is best for your situation is essential. Scenarios and goals will vary drastically from business to business, which is why we don't offer static packages.

The first step to discovering what the best plan is for you is to reach out to us.

What Does Page One Mean For Me?

According to this study 95% of website traffic comes from first page results. If you aren't ranking on page one of Google for your target audience, then chances are your direct competitors are absorbing all that attention.

However if you are on page one for your target key words then simply put you are WINNING. You are getting a gigantic slice of the pie that the hundreds of results after page one aren't getting.

The choice is pretty obvious and at Voyage we make it simple. We learn about your business from you, who else is the best person to learn about it from? Then we take that insight along with us as we analyze your top competitors to see what they're doing right in order to make it better, as well as what they're doing wrong in order to take capitalize on it.

Get the best SEO service in the Houston area in your pocket, watch your business grow the right way every single month, and feel assured in knowing that your results will last long into the foreseeable future.

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